Our primary task is the construction of one-family dwellings and outbuildings. We construct buildings with wooden carcasses and perform all accompanying works. We perform Full Service to our customers to get perfect customer service and top quality construction services. Our carpenters are highly qualified and knowledgeable about the unique qualities of wood. We have gathered the best modern knowledge and combined it with wisdom from the past. This allows us to build high-quality buildings with even longer service lives. For all additional works we have qualified partners that we know and trust with all required works. Our customer feedback proves that our company offers highly valued construction services. Elements of the quality of Tarmo Haus OÜ construction services are: high level of customer service, accurate performance of construction processes, secure warranty and short reaction time in case of possible problems.

Clear advantages:

+ In cooperation with the contracting entity, we find the best solutions in every stage of the construction works to ensure functionality, durability and easy maintenance of the solutions

+ Prior to commencement of the construction processes, we use the company´s engineers to assess the building design documentation and to draw up the plans

+ Our preferred building materials are natural structural and finishing materials. The aim is to ensure a healthier internal climate of the buildings and to allow structural details to breathe.

+ In the selection of constuction materials, we rely on our years of experience and would only like to use building materials that have proved their worth over time in the construction Works for our clients.


We can solve the toughest tasks: Surveys, special projects, hoisting and transportation of buildings.


Let´s build smart!